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Session Info.

All of my Portrait sessions are casual, relaxed, and my goal is for you to have a great time! When we first arrive at our shoot location I like to take a few minutes to get to know you and your vision of our time together (unless we have already talked about it)! I take what you envision and do my best to recreate it! I love it when my clients give me some freedom to run with ideas in my head.  Our photo session is flexible and they can be as adventurous as you want them!  Please feel free to talk with me about ideas and visions you have for your photos!

I often get the question….
What do I wear????

I always suggest to take a look at the trendy styles and then go with something that you feel comfortable with! Below are some do’s and don’t of dressing for your Portrait session!

What to avoid:

  • Large writing (unless you want the writing to be a focal point in your pictures. Example: a “bump” shirt for a maternity shoot)
  • Big Logos.
  • Extremely busy graphics (i.e. Ed Hardy Tee’s- sorry Ed.)
  • Everyone in plain black tops… cuddle up, and you’ll look like one big black blob.
  • Everyone in plain white tops.

Looks that work:

  • Adding a splash of color with a vibrant scarf, bold shoes, or chunky earrings.
  • Textures, simple patterns, and bright colors all photograph really well..
  • Coordinating colors instead of matching everyone perfectly.
  • Layers!
  • Wearing something that makes you feel beautiful!
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